katamino - challenge example
katamino – challenge example

What Is Katamino?

Katamino is a challenging thinking game that contains about 500 different puzzles that you must solve. The puzzles are divided into different difficulty levels which we will detail below.

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The Tools:

12 pieces in different and special shapes.

A wooden game board divided into small squares.

Separation rod.

Riddle booklet.

The Rules:

To understand how to play this game, one must first explain about the game pieces. The special thing about the 12 pieces of the game is that they all “occupy” an area of ​​exactly 5 squares on the game board.

Katamino - thinking game for children
Katamino – thinking game for children

If you look at the challenge booklet you will see that the challenges are drawn in tables so that the rows are marked with letters and columns in numbers.

The letters represent a series of challenges and the number represents the amount of pieces belonging to the same challenge from the series. For example, if we chose the A5 challenge, this means that 5 pieces (A1-A5) will participate in this challenge.

The following is a sample image illustrating the A5 challenge:

challenge example
katamino – challenge example
an example of a solution
Katamino – an example of a solution

How To Play Katamino?

Choose a challenge from the challenge booklet and pick the appropriate piece for that challenge.

Place the separation rod in the right place – if we chose a challenge of 3 pieces place it between the numbers 3 and 4. furthermore, If we chose a 4 pieces challenge, place it between the numbers 4 and 5 and so on.

The goal is to get to a point where all the pieces of the challenge “occupy” all the squares on the game board. That means not a single square is left vacant.

Did you succeed the challenge? Excellent, Try another one 🙂

katamino - thinking gane
katamino – challenges

If this is not clear enough we have attached the game instructions:

katamino - instructions
katamino – instructions
katamino - great thinking game - instructions
katamino – instructions

The booklet contains about 500 puzzles divided into different levels of difficulty. Proper Disclosure, I have not been able to solve the challenges in the advanced levels of difficulty. It is difficult. very hard.

The game is very challenging and develops thinking. One can learn, through the game, thinking strategies for solving the puzzle.

We suggest that you sit down with the children in the first challenges and try to solve the riddles together. Maybe think of a solving method together.

The idea is to start with one piece and try all the possibilities for the other pieces. If it doesn’t work , it means that the first piece can’t be where we put it. So, we need to try another piece instead.

This is a method that my son and I developed together. I’m sure there are other methods but the idea is that you sit down with the child and find a solution together. A shared experience between parent and child is always welcome.

The game develops the child’s logical thinking ability and spatial perception.

Suitable for ages 5+.

Enjoy 🙂

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