Chess – Sophisticated Strategy Game

Chess is a sophisticated strategic board game designed for two players.
The board is made up of 64 squares (8 by 8).
On one side of the board are the white tools and on the other side are the black tools.

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The Tools:

There are different types of tools. All tools and its characteristic features.

Move only in straight lines (forward, backward, right or left) to as many squares as he wants.

Moves only in diagonal lines to as many squares as he wants.

Move two squares straight (forward, backward, right or left) and one sideways.
The only one who can skip over other tools.

שחמט - פרשים
Chess – knights

The most powerful tool in the game. Move in any direction she wants and as many squares as she wants.

The most important tool in the game. Move one square in any direction.

Move one square forward.
Can move two squares forward only if it is his first move (can still move one slot, depending on the player’s intend).
The only one who eats not as he moves – eats diagonally only one square. (Only diagonally forward, not backward).Each player starts with 16 tools.

Each player starts with 16 tools:
8 Pawns
2 Rooks
2 Bishops
2 Knights
1 Queen
1 King

How To Set Up A Chess Board?

One picture is worth a thousand words.
Notice that the White King is against the Black King and the White Queen is against the Black Queen (there is a common mistake that they are crossed).

Chess - a sophisticated strategy game
Chess – Arranging the board at the beginning of the game

How To Play Chess?

The game is a turn game.

Each player in turn moves one tool in his possession according to the rules of each tool indicated above.

The player with the white tools first starts the game.

When player A’s tool hits player B’s tool, the same tool of player B comes out of the game.

What Is Check?

Check means that you are attacking the king.

check - check
Check mode

What Is Checkmate?

Checkmate says you are attacking the king and your opponent has no way to escape. In this case you won the game.

chess - checkmate
Checkmate mode

There Is A Possibility Of A Draw?

When you are not attacking the king but any move your opponent will make will in turn cause you to hit the king. This situation ends the game with a draw.

How To Win?

The first to hit the king is the winner or in other words – checkmate!

If it’s not so clear to you, you are welcome to watch our tutorial video at the top of the page 🙂

Great game for both kids and adults.

The game forces the player to think a few moves ahead. Which improves thinking and memory. The game sharpens the child’s ability to abstract and patience.

Following Netflix’s super successful series – “Queen Gambit” – masses of parents are more interested in the game of chess and expose their children to this fascinating game.

Won 11 Emmy Awards, including Best Mini-Series, and a Golden Globe Award for Best Mini-Series and Best Actress.

We highly recommend exposing the kids to this game. There is a good chance that you will be able to take them off the screens for a while and focus them on this fascinating game that can only contribute to them.

Suitable for ages 5+

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