Rubik’s Cube

The most common cube is 3 by 3. The cube consists of six sides. Each side has nine parts in different colors. The impressive thing is that each side of the cube can be moved and thus actually switch between the different parts.

The goal of the game is to arrange the cube so that in each side, all nine parts of it will be at the same color.

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Looking for a parent-child experience? You will learn together to solve the cube. The experience can be amazing and memorable. Sit together in front of our tutorial video and learn step by step how to solve the cube. Each step completion is your little success together towards the complete solution.

Cube Moyu
Moyu Cube 3×3

It is a great happiness to see your child’s glamorous look as soon as he has reached the desired moment – the cube solution.

Gives the child familiarity with a multi-stage task, develops thinking and improves memory.

If you managed to connect the child to the cube and we believe you will succeed, he will play in it for long hours. A great way to reduce screen time for a child.

You managed to solve the cube, now you will challenge yourself in the test of time. If you persevere and practice you will be able to get off in three minutes.

Did you manage that too? Now try to break Australian champion Felix Zamdegs’ record:

How To Solve A Rubik”s Cube?

Most people think you have to be a genius to solve the cube. A common mistake. All it takes is a good instructional video, perseverance and practice.

For this we have prepared for you the complete guide to solving the cube in eight steps. One week of investment and you too will join the small group of people who know how to solve the cube!

Tip from us – the secret is perseverance and practice. As long as you do not feel you are in control at one step, do not move on to the next one.

Step 0 – Know your cube (0:00)
Step 1 – White plus with yellow center (1:35)
Step 2 – Full white plus (2:13)
Step 3 – Full white + First layer (3:10)
Step 4 – Second layer (6:12)
Step 5 – Yellow plus (10:05)
Step 6 – Full yellow side (10:37)
Step 7 – One step before the end (12:36)
Step 8 – Complete the cube (15:47)

The most common model is 3 on 3. But there are other special models like 2 on 2, 4 on 4, 5 on 5, 17 on 17, pyramid and more.

A series of cubes by a Moyu company
A series of cubes by a Moyu company
Different types of cubes
Different types of cubes

Important: When buying a cube, pay attention to the company name. There are a lot of low quality cubes on the market that get stuck while rotating the parts. Well-known and good companies are for example Rubiks and moyu. Of course all the links we have collected for you are links to quality cubes only. In addition, we also collected links for you 2 on 2, 4 on 4 dice, pyramid and more ..

Suitable for ages 5+

By the way, some argue that thanks to the wide sales volume, and the success of the cube’s exports, Hungary was able to emerge from the economic crisis it was in in the 1980s. In fact, the Hungarian cube is considered the best-selling toy in history. Amazing isn’t it?

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