Rummikub – Educational And Fun Game

The game that always remains relevant and unaffected by the timeline. Great game for the whole family.

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The Tools:

The game contains 106 tiles.

Each tile in the game has a number from 1 to 13 in different colors: blue, red, black and yellow.

In addition there are two jokers.

Rummikub Rules:

Rummikub rules are quite simple.

Each player gets 14 tiles. The player who starts the game gets one more tile i.e. 15 tiles.

The first to start the game is the one that has 15 tiles. The same player must throw one tile to the player next to him (clockwise). The other player decides to either accept the tile he received or take one tile from the pot. The other player throws one tile to the player next to him (clockwise) and so on …

The goal in this Rummikub game is to put together series. A series can be one of the two following options:
1. A series appears in the same color. For example: 4 3 2 when all the numbers are in blue.
2. Identical numbers in different colors. For example: 7 in yellow, 7 in blue, 7 in black.

The length of each series must be at least three tiles.

Ramikub - a game for the whole family
Rummikub – Valid Series

How To Win?

The first to compose series from all his tiles- that is, he does not have even one tile that is not part of a series – he is the winner! 🙂

Rummikub - a family game
Rummikub – A Winning board

If you do not understand how to play this game, you are welcome to watch our instructional video at the top of the page. Enjoy 🙂

With Drop Off:

There is another way to play the Rummikub game – “with drop off”. When playing “with drop off” any participant can drop off a series from the board to the table only when the total tiles value is at least 30. (The Joker value is the number value he replaces in the series).

Once a participant has drop off a series on the table he has the right to perform maneuvers.

What Is Maneuvers:

The participant can add stones to an existing series that is on the table (even if it is not his).

The participant can split an existing series into two series and add his own tiles to the split series.

The participant can remove tiles from an existing series and build a new series with them (as long as he maintains the integrity of all the series on the table).

In short – the participant can do whatever he wants on the table as long as at the end of his moves he maintains the integrity of all the series on the table.

How To Win With Drop Off?

The first whose board has no tiles at all is the winner.

Find yourself half an hour free and play this game with your kids. A great and fun experience for the whole family. Your kids will learn arithmetic series, practice reading digits, practice playing in turns and most importantly – enjoy all together.

And do not miss the exciting look of the kids when they get the Joker in the game … 🙂

Rummikub - joker
Rummikub – Jokers

Please note – the game in some of the attached links is in a foreign language but you do not have to worry because you do not have to read anything. The game instructions are detailed here. Enjoy 🙂

Rammikub is an old-fashioned game founded in the middle of the last century. The fact that the game still remains relevant and familiar to all indicates its quality.

The game is designed for two to four players.

Suitable for ages 5+

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