Diamond Painting – DIY Great Game

What Is Diamond Painting?

A creative game for the heart and soul. Inlaid with colored tiny diamond in the marked places and create a beautiful figure. Not for kids only. A greate game also for adults.

Each character is divided into small squares. A code is embedded on each square. Each code represents a different color.
The task is to inlay the different tiny diamonds into the appropriate squares according to the code.

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Once you have finished painting all the required diamonds, you get a beautiful and sparkling figure. There are different and varied kits – superheroes, princesses, fairies, dinosaurs, animals, etc.

Diamond painting - captain america diy
Diamond Painting – Captain America

How To Do Diamond Painting?

At the bottom of the figure there is a glue separated by nylon. After removing the nylon you can stick the figure on various objects such as a cup, plate or window. In addition, you can attach the figure to one of the keychains (come in some kits).

1. Choose a favorite character.
2. Dip the pen we received in the kit into the wax.
3. Press the pen lightly on the diamond.
4. Place the diamond in the appropriate place according to the code embedded on the figure.
5. Continue like this until the character is complete.

Diamond painting - diy craft - red diamonds
Diamond Painting – Red Diamonds

The craft of diamond inlay can greatly soothe the mind. Of both kids and adults. A child can be offered to make a diamond-studded figure with a keychain as a gift for a grandparent. Also healthy occupation for the child, and also to make the grandparents happy. What needs more than that?

Also, the inlay of the diamonds improves the fine motor skills of the kids.

Suitable for ages 5+

There are different versions of the game. The difference is expressed in the figures, in the colors of the tiny diamonds.

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