Fuse Beads – Amazing DIY Craft

What Is Fuse Beads?

Fuse beads are an amazing DIY craft for kids. Place the beads in a mold. Iron the beads and W O W ! what a beauty, the beads cling to each other and get a spectacular figure.

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The product can be purchased with a box divided into cells so that each cell has beads in a different color which provides comfort and simplicity to select the desired bead.

Just seeing the box of colorful fuse beads makes you want to start the craft. You will see 🙂

Diy game - beads for ironing - the bead storage box is divided into compartments by color
Ironing beads – storage box

The catalog offers a variety of amazing characters. Of course if desired, the kid can always use his imagination and create fascinating new characters. The child both enjoys and develops the imagination.

You can create two-dimensional and three-dimensional figures. To build a 3D character the child is required to break down the task into several sub-tasks. Each sub-task must be performed separately and finally put everything together into an impressive three-dimensional figure that gives the child great satisfaction.

We recommend starting with the simple characters in order to let the child get the required skills and then move on to the more complex characters.

Also, placing the beads in the pattern improves the child’s fine motor skills.

How To Iron Fuse Beads?

A. Place the fuse beads on top of the mold until the desired shape is completed.

B. Place ironing paper or baking paper on the beads.

C. Iron the beads with gentle movements (you don’t need a special iron, the same iron you have at home is good enough).

D. After a few minutes (after the beads have cooled), remove the beads from the mold.

DIY craft fuse beads box for storage and patterns
Iron beads box for storage and patterns

Different Versions:

There are two sizes of beads – 5mm and 2.6mm.

There are different versions of the game. The difference is expressed in the amount of beads, their size, variety of colors and accessories.

Suitable for ages 6+

The kids will love it.

Enjoy 🙂

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