Mr. Potato Head – Educational Toy

The familiar and beloved game. Mr. Potato Head is a cute doll that has holes in all sorts of places on the body. The idea is to connect the body organs in the appropriate places.

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A great way to teach the child about the names of our body organs, their role and the location of each one.

mister potato - kids toy - parts
Mister Potato Head – Parts

What kid doesn’t like funny faces?, you can make a tongue-in-cheek face, a man with a mustache, a wide nose, a long nose, with glasses, without glasses. Whatever you want. The kids will love it.

Once the kid has mastered the organs of the body and their location, it is possible to invent faces from the imagination. Put the eyes instead of the mouth, the mouth instead of the ear or the ear instead of the nose. Whatever you want, the kids will love it.

Hearing the child burst out laughing after he intentionally put his nose in his mouth instead – it’s always fun.

mister potato - kids toy - funny face
Mister Potato Head – Funny Face

In the back area of ​​Mr Potato Head there is a storage compartment that can be opened and put in all the accompanying parts that it is very comfortable and keeps order.

There are different and varied versions of the toy: Mr Potato Head from the Toy Story movie, Mrs. Potato Head from the Toy Story movie, the classic Mr Potato Head, Mr. Potato Head with additional accessories and more. We have collected links for you to cool Mr. Potato Head products at the top of the page.

The game develops motor skills, imagination and creativity. The game is an educational game that gives the child an understanding of our body organs.

Suitable for ages 1+

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